Kaspersky IoT company

About the company

Adaptive Production Technologies LLC (Aprotech) is a subsidiary of Kaspersky.

We help enterprises to undergo their own cybersecure digital transformation and to reap its maximum benefits.

years of operation (est. 2018)
major awards (international and domestic)

Our mission

Aprotech is an IT company that not only develops program code, but also analyzes and develops system requirements, creates an architecture, and, if necessary, writes design and technical documentation. The result of our work is reliable IT infrastructures that help enterprises move into the digital future.

Our approach

Your equipment has a lot to tell. Aprotech technologies and services help businesses communicate with it in the same language and get the most out of it.

  • Cyber Immune Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateways allow you to connect devices to clouds and digital platforms, converting data and securely transferring it from the field to the platform level.
  • On the basis of this architecture, together with partners, we develop end-to-end digital services that can solve specific customer problems.
  • Thanks to these services, you can better analyze the operation of equipment, prevent incidents and reduce resource costs — which means you can run your business more efficiently.
  • We help ensure that your connected systems are the foundation of your digital transformation. And also so that at the same time processes are optimized, production quality is improved, costs are reduced and revenues are growing.

    Each new Aprotech project is another step into the future, where businesses can get the most out of technology without worrying about their security.