Kaspersky IoT company

About the company

Adaptive Production Technologies LLC (Aprotech) is a subsidiary of Kaspersky.

We help enterprises to undergo their own cybersecure digital transformation and to reap its maximum benefits.

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Our mission

Aprotech is an IT company that not only develops program code, but also analyzes and develops system requirements, creates an architecture, and, if necessary, writes design and technical documentation. The result of our work is reliable IT infrastructures that help enterprises move into the digital future.

Our approach

Cyber Immune Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateways allow you to connect devices to clouds and digital platforms, converting data and securely transferring it from the field to the platform level.
On the basis of this architecture, together with partners, we develop end-to-end digital services that can solve specific customer problems.
Thanks to these services, you can better analyze the operation of equipment, prevent incidents and reduce resource costs — which means you can run your business more efficiently.

Denis Bakhaev
Denis Bakhaev
quote Our main difference from our competitors is that we combine the convenient technology solutions for industrial clients as well as the ecosystem of information security. quote
Viktor Yakovlev
Viktor Yakovlev
quote Each our project is another step into the future when business will be able to get the most out of technologies without worrying about security. quote
Alexey Vereshchagin
Alexey Vereshchagin
Development Team Lead
quote Aprotech’s R&D team is ready to solve technical issues of any kind. Innovation and ambition are built into the code of each our program. Developing products from scratch is never easy but having a team of professionals and a Cyber Immune technology platform help us to do our best. quote

Core products

New Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway
Cyber Immune data gateway is based on the KasperskyOS operating system and a Russian hardware platform. The device is planned to be released in 2024.
Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 1000
Universal Cyber Immune data gateway for the internet of things.
Based on the KasperskyOS operating system and the Advantech UTX-3117 hardware platform.
Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 100
Cyber Immune data gateway for the industrial internet of things (IIoT).
Developed on the basis of the KasperskyOS operating system and the Siemens SIMATIC IOT2040 hardware platform.