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Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 100
Cyber Immune data gateway for the industrial internet of things (IIoT).
Developed on the basis of the KasperskyOS operating system and the Siemens SIMATIC IOT2040 hardware platform.
Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 500
An industrial IoT data gateway based on the KasperskyOS operating system and the Kraftway hardware platform is planned to be released in 2022.
We can assist you in creating products based on other hardware platforms suitable for your region and needs.
Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 1000
Universal Cyber Immune data gateway for the internet of things.
Based on the KasperskyOS operating system and the Advantech UTX-3117 hardware platform.


Digital Services

With Siemens MindSphere cloud connectivity via KISG gateways

Available to all Siemens MindSphere cloud customers at no additional charge. For example, basic Fleet Manager monitoring.
Monitoring includes tracking and initial analysis of data on the operation of connected equipment, as well as generating event notifications and geographical display of the device fleet.
Industrial solutions for a specialized field, such as a service for monitoring overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Includes OEE visualization for the entire production line as well as for individual machines, and expert analysis for OEE diagnostics.
Visualization capabilities:
  • Modeling and preprocessing of input data for key indicators of OEE
  • Correlation of machine data to OEE Monitor application data
  • OEE information dashboard, including productivity, availability and quality for the selected time interval and machine/line
Expert analysis includes an OEE trend analysis, comparison of similar objects over time and recommendations on improving OEE at the machine/line level.
Custom development
Creation of applications tailored to the needs of specific customers.
For example, an industrial application that monitors connected machines. It can conveniently display the main operating parameters of the machines and utilize this data to interactively track their key performance indicators.
Visualization on dashboards and diagrams makes it easier to analyze information about the industrial process. Notifications quickly warn about an unfulfilled order or malfunction.
Customized applications can be integrated with other platforms and ERP systems.


We will tell you where to begin your digital transformation and how to manage potential cyber-risks, as well as help you determine the digital services necessary for your business.

Finding the bottlenecks in your production process, assessing the value of a digital service and proceeding to deploy that service. This service is operated in partnership with Siemens MindSphere.
For this purpose, the customer provides information about their business processes. The appropriate methodology is provided by Aprotech, a company with broad experience in value creation. Siemens provides the expert evaluation (including a technology review).
Comprehensive applied research conducted by our experts at your request.
Research results will help determine how to accomplish specific tasks associated with the digital transformation of your business: where to begin, what to focus on and how to achieve your goals most effectively.
Aprotech conducts cyber-risk training for top managers. This training’s program was developed in collaboration with Kaspersky.
Students learn the following:
  • Current cyberthreat landscape
  • Impact of cyber-risks on business processes
  • Use of state-of-the-art tools for protection against cyberattacks

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